Friday, 25 November 2011

Etsy Shop Launch

At last, I've set up mt Etsy shop and added some prints.

Check out my Etsy shop below the 'About me' bit on my blog or click on this link...

I hope you like them.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Mixed Media Weekend

My early Christmas present was a mixed media weekend organised through Sutherland Shire Art Society.
It's with Catherine Harry who is a contemporary mixed media artist. Check out her website..

It was fascinating and although I've worked with acrylics and mixed media before it was a while back. Freeing up from my normal fine pen work was an out of the comfort zone experience but I loved it.

We all started by preparing a canvas with moulding paste and leaving that to dry for the second day.  Then we worked through a landscape with constant demo's of next steps from Cathy.

I would encourage anyone to try something new and experiment.  You just never know what you will create....and you have heaps of fun too. A good lesson I learnt from the weekend was to get some mounts and hold it around you painting, it looks different again.  I actually like part of each painting so if you're not entirely happy then block off parts and you may find a masterpiece within.  I may cut the interesting sections out and frame just that bit.

I won't ramble on anymore, I'll just show you some stages of my paintings. Visuals are much more interesting.

Cathy demonstrating

The group

My finished landscape

A favourite section

Another interesting section

Cathy demonstrating

Another stage of demonstrating

The first layers of my cherry blossom inspired art

My inspiration and drawings

My finished piece

A section that I like

Another section of interest

You could even scan or photograph sections, print them on textured paper and use them as a background for other paintings.


Friday, 11 November 2011

Papergirl Brisbane

I discovered papergirl Brisbane in the Nov/Dec issue of Frankie magazine.  It's such a fabulous idea to enlighten the Brisbane public with the arts, donated by anyone who wishes to participate and given to the public by volunteers on bicycles.  It could be anything from an artwork, photograph, poems and much more. 

So please check out the website for more details...
 get creating and send them something of your own.  If you are lucky enough to be one of those people in Brisbane next February that is given a piece of work...enjoy it, know that someone has spent time creating it, be inspired and if you don't like it then give it to someone who may enjoy it.

Myself and Rosie are both sending them an artwork.  Rosie's been busy with her super talented scribbling, which we are going to name 'where it all begins'.  I'm painting HRH of the owl world.

Check out Rosie creating her masterpiece

These are the finished pieces we are sending

Hope you enjoyed my finding. Please pass the word on and maybe papergirl will be in every city one day,


Thursday, 3 November 2011

Cool crayons

Playon crayons have been really cool for Rosie.  They come in a recycled box that she can play taking them out of and putting them back in.  They are fab colours, a funny shape that's easy to hold and even better...they stack.  What more could any baby want from a crayon!

Funky playon crayons
Just google 'playon crayons' to see online stockist.  I got mine from my (and Rosie's) favourite shop in the shire......FOUND. You don't need to go into Sydney city anymore for gifts.  They have hand picked items for kids, adults and the home. We love it there and the sisters Toni and Shelli are fab.  They let Rosie rearrange a few items.  Check them out on facebook...

Check out a few pics I took on our last visit...

Found Store, Engadine, NSW

Rosie rearranging the store!

Super cool kids stuff

Love these lunchboxes

Handmade hair clips, made by the girls
 Every little town should have a shop like this, thanks girls. 
Look out for more playon crayoning from Rosie in the future.


Friday, 28 October 2011

Free Halloween paper puppet templates

It was my turn to do the craft at playgroup last week and with Halloween fast approaching I did some drawings of Halloween puppets for the kids to colour in. All you have to do is print them off, colour them, cut them out and cello tape a straw to the backs. Rosie has demonstrated the art of colouring and puppet waving.

Phyllis the dancing pumpkin

Barry the Halloween bat

Great demonstrating Rosie

So happy colouring...just right click and save the images below then print them out...

Barry the Halloween bat

Phyllis the dancing pumpkin


Happy Halloween.

3D Kiddie art

Since our Melbourne trip, Rosie's been doing some serious crayoning and I've had a play with mounting her art onto small boxes, like the letterhead exhibition. I also found an Alphabet letter stamp set I've been looking for and added a few words to her masterpieces.  Check out the results...

artwork and boxes to cover

My new stamp set
A few words added to the artworks

Art arranged on the wall

They look really cool in groups
 They look cool on the wall.  All you need to do is wrap the boxes in artwork, like wrapping a present (Try and keep it really neat as you see the sides as well). Then add some spongey double sided tape and arrange then on the wall. I even folded one around a flat piece of card, they don't all have to be 3D. The overall effect of different size and depth boxes looks really effective.  Give it a go with all those A4 sheets of artwork you have. Enjoy creating.


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A little trip to Melbourne

I had a little trip to Melbourne the other week and saw lots of cool stuff but a couple of things I'd like to share with you.

A fabulous exhibition called Paper City on until 31st Oct 2011
It showcases an archive of historic letterheads. 

I loved the way they displayed the exhibition, mounting them on different size and depths of display and grouping them together.  Check out a few pictures I took.

You could group pictures like this at home, even mount your kids artwork onto different size boxes (boxes could be any cardboard box from the kitchen cupboard) and then group them together.  When Rosie gets a collection of artwork together...I'll get her straight onto that...I'll mount and cover boxes and hang on the wall.  I'll post the results of this idea soon.  Just think of the artistic possibilities with this, maybe an old map cut up or even fabric.

The other cool thing my eyeballs popped out at was panelpop.  They make recycle framed stone panels that you can draw/paint directly onto. They also print your photos or art onto them.  They are very cool and I bought one to paint on.  Watch this space for my result and check out their website and blog.  The shop in Fitzroy had some super cool examples of photo printing.  The look could be very retro/vintage. They deliver worldwide as well.

Pretty cool aren't they. I can't wait to use mine.
Hope you enjoyed my snippets from Melbourne, we all had a great time.


Friday, 21 October 2011

The first of many things

This is the first of many blogs, paintings, crafty projects I would like to share with you.  I will find myself seeing and thinking random things that I hope you will enjoy.

I've been busy setting up my Etsy account, hiccup art.....soon to be launched.  I'll let you know in the next week or two.  Take a look at the first few nursery prints I'll have for sale...

Nana's caravan

Nana's telephone table

I've taken inspiration from my childhood. I like all things vintage, retro and a little bit twee. I hope you like them.