Saturday, 12 November 2011

Mixed Media Weekend

My early Christmas present was a mixed media weekend organised through Sutherland Shire Art Society.
It's with Catherine Harry who is a contemporary mixed media artist. Check out her website..

It was fascinating and although I've worked with acrylics and mixed media before it was a while back. Freeing up from my normal fine pen work was an out of the comfort zone experience but I loved it.

We all started by preparing a canvas with moulding paste and leaving that to dry for the second day.  Then we worked through a landscape with constant demo's of next steps from Cathy.

I would encourage anyone to try something new and experiment.  You just never know what you will create....and you have heaps of fun too. A good lesson I learnt from the weekend was to get some mounts and hold it around you painting, it looks different again.  I actually like part of each painting so if you're not entirely happy then block off parts and you may find a masterpiece within.  I may cut the interesting sections out and frame just that bit.

I won't ramble on anymore, I'll just show you some stages of my paintings. Visuals are much more interesting.

Cathy demonstrating

The group

My finished landscape

A favourite section

Another interesting section

Cathy demonstrating

Another stage of demonstrating

The first layers of my cherry blossom inspired art

My inspiration and drawings

My finished piece

A section that I like

Another section of interest

You could even scan or photograph sections, print them on textured paper and use them as a background for other paintings.


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  1. Wow Jennie, looks like a great workshop - your results look fantastic!