Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Caravan play house

Rosie's caravan
This is something I've been wanting to make Rosie for a long time. Now that Mysan or Mysie as Rosie calls her is here to help it was made in a couple of days.

We had a table already so took the measurements and cut the pieces with an extra 2cm for the seams and hem. The front side was cut as a full piece plus an extra section for the door.

I drew out the caravan shape with a fabric marker and then mysie did the wibbly wobbly stitching that I wanted.  Pick a dark thread so it shows up well from a distance.

Windows were marked out, cut to allow a seam. The door was sewn on and then a section in the main piece cut away and hemmed so that she can get in and out.

The blind at the door window and a ceramic button heart above the door

Just a few birdies
Ribbon flowers
Curtains were crocheted doilies and gathered fabric.  Flowers were ribbon and embroidery wool thread.  Birdies were fabric scraps and embroidery. I added a lot of little things that were given to me by friends, such as, butterflies and hearts. I've still to add on crocheted flowers.  You could go on forever.  We even added a number plate, old vintage UK reg...ROS 13G, for Rosie G.

She loves it, as you can see,  Hope you all do too.


Thursday, 12 January 2012

I've lost a month

Hi everyone and happy new year.

Apologies for not blogging recently. We've been moving house and have family visiting. It seems we have lost a whole month somewhere!

I've lots to talk about and will be doing a few posts in the next week.  I'll be back to the painting next week too so should have some new items on Etsy in the coming month.  I'm doing an example of a personalised nursery painting as well.

Top tip for moving with an 18 month old.....get a good friend to look after them for the day. Our friend Caroline has a dog dog called Corky and Rosie didn't ask about us all day.

I'll blog again very soon