Wednesday, 30 May 2012


I accidentally discovered 'zines' the other day.  They are cool self published little booklets, made by the author and produced in short runs, generally on a photocopier.
They can be about anything....thoughts, observations, stories, poems, images and lots more.

I also discovered, via Sticky Institute Blog (which is a zine shop in Melbourne that I have to visit next time I'm there) the MCA Zine Fair.  I went to explore my new discovery the other Sunday and It's a whole new exciting world.  My favourite stall was Dudley Redhead.  Very creative and the nellie no friends zine is filled with craft projects that I will do, a couple even with Rosie, check out her blog at Here's some pictures...

dudley redhead stall

my dudley purchases

beautiful stalls

dudley redhead

hundreds to choice from

the whole new world of zines

I'll be doing a few zines in the future.  For Kids they are great to make on one sheet of A4 (Check out for a free template).  Could be just drawings or a story.  I'm going to do an album of Rosie's art over the year and maybe even do my Bernard the bear book in zine form.  Enjoy the world of's so much fun.


Monday, 21 May 2012

The big table....the finished article

Well at last, it's finished.  A lot of sanding and painting but it looks great.
I'm glad I didn't go too strong on the pastel shades when it shares the room with the lounge and kitchen. I'll show the original picture as well so you can compare.

The After
The before

more afters

Add caption
A top tip from the man at bunnings warehouse, if you don't want thick varnish but you want to seal the table top then apply clear satin water based varnish with a soft cloth. Sand with a plastic scourer (it better than fine sand paper) in between coats. It makes it look like it's bare wood.

Would I do it again.......Oh yes, I'm looking for odd chairs to paint and have outside.

Hope you like the results


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Panda Rose Art

Auntie Panda....aka Amanda and Rosie were painting on the big easel together and this is the result. It was so good.

If you have a piece of your child's art or something you/family/friends have done with them then make it into a mini masterpiece.  It's so simple to photograph it, crop and re size it (there are lots of free packages to do this) and then print it out for a picture frame or a card.

busy painting

the finished piece
printed and framed

A close up of Panda Rose Art

You can still keep the original but these minis are great for presents or to keep changing in the home.

We gave this to auntie panda as part of her 30th birthday present and she loved it.

Well done Panda and Rosie.


Thursday, 10 May 2012

The big table...update

One coat undercoat, two coats paint and two coats varnish...they aren't finished yet!
Pale lilac,pink and blue colours are just a hint of colour but do look good.

to be continued....

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Corky the dog dog

A combined effort from myself and Rosie of Corky the dog dog.  I got Rosie to paint some red on watercolour paper (Corky's mummy and daddy's kitchen accent colour).  Rosie used the brush and also the tip of the brush in paint to get the effect, very artistic I thought for a toddler that's nearly two!  I then drew Corky on and added a bit of coloured pencil.  Quite a cool result we thought. Happy birthday Auntie Caronine.....aka Caroline.

Maybe I'll add an example on Etsy, jenrose art!