Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Panda Rose Art

Auntie Panda....aka Amanda and Rosie were painting on the big easel together and this is the result. It was so good.

If you have a piece of your child's art or something you/family/friends have done with them then make it into a mini masterpiece.  It's so simple to photograph it, crop and re size it (there are lots of free packages to do this) and then print it out for a picture frame or a card.

busy painting

the finished piece
printed and framed

A close up of Panda Rose Art

You can still keep the original but these minis are great for presents or to keep changing in the home.

We gave this to auntie panda as part of her 30th birthday present and she loved it.

Well done Panda and Rosie.


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