Friday, 11 November 2011

Papergirl Brisbane

I discovered papergirl Brisbane in the Nov/Dec issue of Frankie magazine.  It's such a fabulous idea to enlighten the Brisbane public with the arts, donated by anyone who wishes to participate and given to the public by volunteers on bicycles.  It could be anything from an artwork, photograph, poems and much more. 

So please check out the website for more details...
 get creating and send them something of your own.  If you are lucky enough to be one of those people in Brisbane next February that is given a piece of work...enjoy it, know that someone has spent time creating it, be inspired and if you don't like it then give it to someone who may enjoy it.

Myself and Rosie are both sending them an artwork.  Rosie's been busy with her super talented scribbling, which we are going to name 'where it all begins'.  I'm painting HRH of the owl world.

Check out Rosie creating her masterpiece

These are the finished pieces we are sending

Hope you enjoyed my finding. Please pass the word on and maybe papergirl will be in every city one day,


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