Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A little trip to Melbourne

I had a little trip to Melbourne the other week and saw lots of cool stuff but a couple of things I'd like to share with you.

A fabulous exhibition called Paper City on until 31st Oct 2011
It showcases an archive of historic letterheads. 

I loved the way they displayed the exhibition, mounting them on different size and depths of display and grouping them together.  Check out a few pictures I took.

You could group pictures like this at home, even mount your kids artwork onto different size boxes (boxes could be any cardboard box from the kitchen cupboard) and then group them together.  When Rosie gets a collection of artwork together...I'll get her straight onto that...I'll mount and cover boxes and hang on the wall.  I'll post the results of this idea soon.  Just think of the artistic possibilities with this, maybe an old map cut up or even fabric.

The other cool thing my eyeballs popped out at was panelpop.  They make recycle framed stone panels that you can draw/paint directly onto. They also print your photos or art onto them.  They are very cool and I bought one to paint on.  Watch this space for my result and check out their website and blog.  The shop in Fitzroy had some super cool examples of photo printing.  The look could be very retro/vintage. They deliver worldwide as well.


Pretty cool aren't they. I can't wait to use mine.
Hope you enjoyed my snippets from Melbourne, we all had a great time.


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