Friday, 28 October 2011

3D Kiddie art

Since our Melbourne trip, Rosie's been doing some serious crayoning and I've had a play with mounting her art onto small boxes, like the letterhead exhibition. I also found an Alphabet letter stamp set I've been looking for and added a few words to her masterpieces.  Check out the results...

artwork and boxes to cover

My new stamp set
A few words added to the artworks

Art arranged on the wall

They look really cool in groups
 They look cool on the wall.  All you need to do is wrap the boxes in artwork, like wrapping a present (Try and keep it really neat as you see the sides as well). Then add some spongey double sided tape and arrange then on the wall. I even folded one around a flat piece of card, they don't all have to be 3D. The overall effect of different size and depth boxes looks really effective.  Give it a go with all those A4 sheets of artwork you have. Enjoy creating.


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