Thursday, 9 October 2014

20 facts about me

20 facts about me. I was nominated to do this by my instagram friend Jo.  A little challenge for me....thankfully not the ice bucket challenge!
Prepare yourselves for pure randomness....1. Some may not know I'm English  2. I went from accountancy to retrain in hairdressing when I was 38 can teach an old dog new tricks  3. I was married before.....husband always pretends I never told him  4. I collect doilies  5. I couldn't read when I was 11 yrs  6. I played the euphonium (badly) in the school band  7. And maybe because of the last two points.....I was bullied at school  8. I was 40 yrs when I had Rosie  9. I want to illustrate a childrens book  10. I like tidy....but I am hopelessly untidy  11. We got married in Leura, Blue Mountains,  just the two of us  12. I love trying new crafts but I have so many phd's (projects half done)  13. I feel extremely lucky  14. I met my hubby on holiday...he says it's the holiday romance that went wrong. ...they aren't meant to last  15. If I were an animal I'd be a deer....just a bit ditzy  16. I love picking things up from the side of the road....skiprat  17.  I worked for the council  18. I once had an MGB roadster....loved that car  19. I love any flowers and the colour green  20. I am the biggest daydreamer....head in the clouds girl.  Well I hope you like my got tough towards the end.

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