Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Creative Collage

I've just started experimenting with some collage in my art but I went a step further when I was making a friends new baby gift.
Mostly I've been doing the main drawing and then collaging some extra bits.  This time I started with pictures, paper, printed type and then added drawing into to the arrangement.  Check out the results and how to's.....
The finished piece, I'm very happy and itching to do more.
I used bits of cuttings from 'the photo album' by frankie magazine.  It;s got some great pics and it's  printed on heavy matt paper. I'd got coloured pens, scissors, double sided foam tape and a glue stick.

So I cut out the main background and put the baby name in two hearts on pegs I'd cut from another page.  I arranged them and penned the fairy lights on the background to join them up.  I also scanned & printed the meaning of the word Grace on recycled paper. 
A few more snippets from the book and arranged them until I was happy with it.

A close up of the finished piece.  I used a combination of glue stick and sticky foam so you get a layering 3D effect. I also drew the dotted line from Anna to Grace and a star on the heart.

Another close up, the owl & chipmunk and deer all came from one picture of ornaments on someones front  window....complete with net curtain.

A collage of the collage.  I'm loving how you can instagram together you pics.

Anyway....happy creating.  I hope you start collaging too. Send me a picture if you do.

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