Sunday, 17 June 2012

Paint Tin Stools

Here in Oz, when I bought decorating paint you got a free paint tin of M&M's.  How cool I thought....decorating should always be rewarded with chocolate!
So from empty paint tins to stools, here's some pictures and how to......
The finished project

You will need, empty tin, sticky back plastic, fabric and stuffing, scissors and wide tape.

Cut the sticky to size with some overlap for the join..about 2cm.  Be careful around the handles, cut down from the top and cut out the circle shape.  I did this as I can add some back in if you cut too much....I had to.

place lid on chosen cutey fabric and cut at least 5cm extra 

Add stuffing and soft wadding (if fabric is very thin)

Tape the fabric to the underside of the lid and then press it down on the paint pot, you many need help as it's tight with the extra fabric
Great fun says Rosie

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