Monday, 5 March 2012

Collage calender

I organised craft at playgroup last week.  I had been collaging with Rosie on her easel using cut outs from magazines.  She enjoyed me gluing and her just sticking them on.
So I thought a collage month calender would be fun to do at playgroup. 
Take a look at the results and then I'll tell you what you need.

You will need:

coloured card (I used square scrapbooking size, larger than A4)
magazine cuttings
a copy of calender months (I just drew onto white paper a grid with the month of March on and photocopied it, you could do this or print one from the internet)
glue stick
hole pinch

Then the fun begins...............

hole punch the card, top centre. 
glue the calender on
add their name if you like
then just let them pick the magazine cuttings
glue and stick
Tie ribbon through hole punch to hang the masterpiece

It's lots of fun


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